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About The Right Connection Directory

"The Right Connection" has been designed by the Macomb County Youth Council for use by Macomb County service personnel to assist families in locating free or low-cost community services.

Much thought and work has gone into designing this directory to be user-friendly. In a conventional resource directory, the format is generally: the name of the agency, address, telephone number, name of the Executive Director, funding sources, etc. The final entry is generally the services of that particular agency. This type of format makes it very difficult to locate all the needed services for a particular situation.

"The Right Connection" has reversed that format. The directory first lists a "SITUATION" followed by a short descriptive phrase about each of the known services listed for that situation, an explanation of the services and eligibility requirements (if applicable), and finally, the telephone number for the service.

This directory lists services by service category, not by agency. This will speed finding the needed services. For the most part, only Macomb County resources are listed. Exceptions to this are: some out-of-county resources are included for referring clients if a Macomb County facility is filled, such as runaway shelters; or, county or state services that may be accessed in Macomb County, such as the Michigan Self-Help Clearinghouse.

To aid you in your use of this directory, you will notice the following format:

Each "Situation" is enclosed in a black box to differentiate it from other situations.

The symbol (˜) is placed in front of each new service under that category. All known services for a situation are grouped under it regardless of what agency offers those services. In most cases the same services are repeated many times throughout the directory as they apply to many "SITUATIONS"

All unfamiliar terms and agencies are asterisked, defined, and listed in the glossary.

In the Glossary, acronyms are listed alphabetically by their initials, not by the phrase they indicate. The acronym is then followed by parentheses with the phrase spelled out.

As names of agencies and programs frequently change, please note that the former name is indicated in brackets { }.

Every effort has been made to assure that the information is up-to-date and accurate. Due to the dynamic nature of organizations, information changes often. Please use the update sheet at the back of the directory to note updates and omissions.

We hope that you enjoy this resource and that you are able to locate help for families more quickly.