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The Right Connection - Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

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The options for a female who has been domestically assaulted are:

  1. Get herself (and her children) to a safe place.
  2. Contact the police department in the city where the assault took place to file a complaint.
  3. Seek medical treatment, if necessary. If there has been sexual abuse, it is extremely important to seek medical attention.
  4. Obtain information about emergency shelter, counseling services and legal rights as a victim of domestic violence from Turning Point, (586) 463-6990.
  5. Legal rights include the right to go to court and file a petition requesting a Personal Protection Order (PPO) which is an injunctive order to prohibit a person from specified conduct, including "stalking" which is defined as "a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual . . ." (MCLA 650.411h). A PPO restrains or prohibits the respondent from certain behaviors such as:

    - Following or appearing within proximity of her person.
    - Approaching her in any fashion, such as a public place, workplace, residence, or on private property.
    - Entering onto or remaining on property she owns, leases or occupies.
    - Contacting her by telephone, mail, or electronic communications.
    - Placing an object on, or delivering an object to property she owns, leases or occupies.
    - Threatening to kill or inflict physical injury on her.
    - Remove children if she has full physical legal custody.
    More and specific details on PPOs can be obtained by calling the Macomb County PPO Assistance Center, (586) 469-7494 or going to: http://clerk.macombgov.org/Clerk-Services-PPOAssistance-PPOFAQ
  6. If financial loss has been experienced due to a personal injury as a result of being a victim of crime, crime victims compensation may be available. Call (586) 469-5675.
  7. Obtain a copy of the police incident report for the case by contacting the local law enforcement agency.
  8. Contact the police agency to ascertain the status of the complaint.
  9. If the suspect has been arrested, a bond may be set and the suspect may be released. Call the local police agency or the Macomb County Sheriff's Department at (586) 469-5151 to find out if the suspect is still in custody.
Free temporary emergency shelter for female victims of domestic violence and their children, advocacy and counseling services are available from Turning Point, (586) 463-6990 (24-hour line).

24 hour support for victims of domestic violence is available from is available from Turning Point which offers counselors who can provide support, safety planning, information and advocacy within the court system, and counseling for children and adults. Call Turning Point (586) 463-6990 (24 hour line).

Individual or group counseling for victims of domestic violence call Turning Point at (586) 463-4430.

Counseling/educational services for batterers from:

Catholic Charities of SE Michigan (586) 466-5960
Macomb Family Services (586) 226-3440
New Alternatives, Inc. (586) 755-3550