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The Right Connection - Parenting

Parenting Services

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Parenting classes for parents of children of all ages who need to develop empathy for children's experiences and a thorough understanding of age-appropriate behaviors. No eligibility requirement or referral required. Available from CARE of SE Michigan, (586) 541-2273. or visit their website at www.careofsem.com


Parenting classes for parents with children 4 years of age and under (“1234 Parents! “) focus on temperament, stages of development, expectations, and age appropriate behavior. Call for fees and class schedule. The book is included; and in most locations, child care. The classes are two hours a week for four weeks. Any parent who receives a Certificate of Completion at the last session will also receive a $20 gas card. Available from From CARE of Southeastern Michigan – Community Programs, (586) 541-2273. www.careofsem.com

Parenting classes for parents of children aged 5 -12 (“Active Parenting 4th Edition”) focuses on communication and discipline skills as well as new emphasis on the hot topics of School Success and Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs. Call for fees and class schedule. The books, Active Parenting 4th Edition Parent Guide and Workbook Combo, is required and available at CARE. The classes are two hours a week for six weeks. Available from Active Parenting 4th Edition from CARE of Southeastern Michigan – Community Programs, (586) 541-2273. www.careofsem.com

An in-home parent education program for pregnant mothers and families who have children ages 0-5. This program provides intensive case management services (i.e. resource referrals, service coordination, transportation, etc.) to participants.  Available from the Supportive Opportunities for Families program at CARE of SE Michigan, (586) 541-2273.  www.careofsem.com.


Parenting classes for parents of teenagers (“Active Parenting model”) discusses technology, the latest in teen drug use prevention, and teen bullying. Call for fees and class schedule. The book, Active Parenting Teens, is required and available at CARE of Southeastern Michigan. The classes are two hours a week for six weeks. Available from CARE of Southeastern Michigan – Community Programs, (586) 541-2273. www.careofsem.com


Families First is an intensive 4-6 week in-home program for parents to prevent out-of- home placement of children or early reunification of the family. Issues dealt with include parenting, child management, family counseling, housing, and other skills development. The risk of removal of the child must be imminent for a family to be eligible for this program and they MUST be DHS clients. There is no fee. For more information about this program, call Orchards Children Services, (586) 997-3886.  http://www.orchards.org/


Substance abuse prevention information and materials are provided in all CARE parenting classes available through the CARE of SE Michigan office, (586) 541-0033 or visit their website at www.careofsem.com.

Parenting classes designed to keep kids drug free are available from some local school districts and PTAs. These parenting models include: Talking With Your Kids About Alcohol (TWYKAA), Parenting for Prevention, Common Sense, and Preparing for the Drug Free Years. Contact your local school district/PTA for times and dates.

Play and learn groups for parent and their young child/ren are available from the Early Learning Community at Macomb Family Services (586) 226-3400, ext. 269.  http://www.mfsonline.org/cms.php?id=16

(866) 4MACOMB

Attachment Issues

In-home visits for low-income families with infants and children (pregnancy to age 3) who display disturbance of age-appropriate mental, behavioral, or emotional expressiveness, and did not respond to less-intensive intervention, and/or 2) Parent(s) of an infant/toddler has mental or emotional issues impacting their ability to nurture, protect, and facilitate secure attachment which results in a caregiving environment that places the child at-risk for serious emotional disturbance. Available from Macomb County Community Mental Health, Infant Mental Health program. To refer a potential client, call the CMH Access Center, (586) 948-0222.

Post-Abortion Couseling

Counseling for women who have undergone an abortion with sessions conducted by a counselor and/or priest and designed to help a female with    post-abortion reconciliation including help in sorting through her feelings and dealing with unresolved conflict. Available to any female, regardless of faith from Catholic Charities of SE Michigan - Project Rachel, (586) 416-2300. Pregnant Teens Counseling Services for Pregnant Teens is a free program for any female planning to keep their child or give it up for adoption. Outreach service available. Topics include support resources, grief and issues around the unplanned pregnancy. Available from Catholic Charities of SE Michigan, Clinton Twp., MI (586) 416-2300.

Single Parents of Preschool Children

Counseling for Single Parents of Preschool Children is an individual counseling service for single parents of preschool children.  Outreach service available.  Sliding fees.  Topics include parenting and relationship issues.  Available from Catholic Charities of SE Michigan, Clinton Twp., MI (586) 416-2300.    


Birth Mothers Support Group is a  free monthly support group for mothers who have given up their child for adoption.  The group meets the first Wednesday of each month at Catholic Charities of SE Michigan-Clinton Twp. site, (586) 416-2300.

Family Support Network of Michigan is for  families with special needs children which offers peer support on a one-to-one basis with a support parent who lives as  near as possible and whose child has similar needs.  Group meetings are  also available.  Available from the Children's Special Health Care  Services, (800) 359-3722.

Educational group for all caregivers  (birth parents, adoptive, or foster parent) of drug-exposed infants provides an educational support group for all caregivers of infants and children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol and/or other drugs.  Available from  CARE of SE Michigan (586) 541-2273 or visit their website at www.careofsem.com.

Surrogate big brothers or big sisters is a free program which matches children aged 8-12 from one parent families with volunteers who act as surrogate brothers or sisters. The youth are signed up for the program until their 14th birthday but their relationship with a Big Brother or Big Sister is monitored until they are 18 years old. Volunteers are asked to make a long term commitment (6 months to a year) to the child.  There is constant monitoring of the family and referrals for problems that arise in the family. Available from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, (248) 569-0600 (Southfield), or www.bbbs.org.


Baby clothes and baby furniture are sometimes available from the Macomb Community Action Centers:

North Center 58144 Gratiot New Haven, MI (586) 749-5146
Central Center 18 Market Street Mt. Clemens, MI (586) 469-6964
South Center 22856 Ryan Warren, MI (586) 759-9150

Baby clothes and baby furniture are sometimes available at Second Hand Rose Resale Shop, 158 S. Main, Mt. Clemens, MI 48043 (586) 468-3083. http://www.turningpointmacomb.org/tp/second-hand-rose/

Baby clothes are available at Children’s Resale Shops throughout Macomb County. Check the yellow pages for locations.

Maternity clothes, baby layettes, infants clothing size 2 and under, high chairs, car seats, etc. are available for youth experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Proof of need is required (i.ge., Medicaid card, etc.). Available from Birth Right of Macomb County, (586) 254-5930.


Mom-to-Mom Resale Events Calendar
is available at www.mom2momlist.com


Adoptive Parents Magazine To order, call (800) 372-3300 or go to: http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/table_of_contents.php

Metro Parent magazine is a publication for parents published monthly. For more information go to :  http://www.metroparent.com/Metro-Parent/Contact-Us/Publications/events or http://www.metroparent.com/Metro-Parent/About-Us/

STEPping Stones is a quarterly newsletter about parenting issues. Available from CARE of SE Michigan - Parent Education Program.  To obtain the newsletter free via e-mail or to view it online, go to: www.careofsem.com