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About The Right Connection Directory

“The Right Connection” Resource Directory was developed by the Macomb County Youth Council, a subcommittee of the Macomb County Inter-Agency Council, for use by service personnel in assisting families in locating free, low-cost or unique human services in Macomb County.

Some for-profit services are included only if the service is not available in the non-profit sector and are very unique. An example of this Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique which offers non-toxic lice removal.

For the most part, only Macomb County resources available from non-profit organizations are listed. Some out-of-county and for-profit resources are included for high need situations.

The directory is available on line: http://connection.misd.net/ uses the following format:

  • In each “Situation” (what the individual/family is experiencing) is listed in a black box to differentiate it from other situations. The online version has a drop down list sorted by category of service.
  • On the website, a few words in the description are bolded to show it is a distinct service. All known services for a “Situation” are grouped underneath regardless of what agency offers those services. In most cases, the same services are repeated many times throughout the directory as they apply to many “Situations”.
  • Every effort was made to keep all the services relating to a “Situation” on the same page, through adjusting the margins or changing the font size or line height.
  • All terms and agencies are listed and defined in the Glossary. In addition to the names of agencies and services, acronyms are listed followed by parentheses with the full name spelled out.
  • When available, agency websites and/or Facebook pages are included in the listing and repeated in the glossary.
  • Every effort has been made to assure that the information is up-to-date and accurate.  Due to the dynamic nature of organizations, information changes frequently. Updates/corrections may be sent to Madeline Habib, mhabib21@comcast.net.