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The Right Connection - Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

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If a person has been sexually assaulted, these guidelines are recommended:

  1. Get to a safe place.

  2. Do not shower, bathe, douche, brush your teeth, change or destroy clothing or straighten up the area where the assault occurred.

  3. Contact someone you trust.

  4. Call the Forensic Nurse Examiner program (In Macomb County, call Turning Point at (586) 463-6990 or call the Police Department where the assault occurred).


It is extremely important for victims of a sexual assault to get medical attention through the Nurse Examiner Program or a private doctor in order to be:

  • Be treated for bodily injuries and injury to sexual organs.
  • Be tested and treated for pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases, and
  • Collect and document medical evidence in case the victim decides to prosecute.

NOTE: The victim can still prosecute without having a medical exam. He/she may be eligible for crime victims compensation to cover costs of medical treatment if he/she reports the crime within 48 hours. Also, personal injury suits may be filed in civil court.


The staff is there to provide the best physical and emotional care possible. They will probably ask about the assault so they know what injuries need to be treated.

A sexual assault exam or a pelvic exam will be performed to check for any internal injuries or to test for STDs. This is important for the victim’s health and if he/she should decide to prosecute.

The victim’s clothes may be confiscated for evidence, so if possible, he/she should take a change of clothes to the hospital/doctor. If contacted, Turning Point, (586) 463-6990, will provide a sweat suit for the victim to wear home as well as advocacy and emotional support.

The victim may need to call the police, but that does not mean the victim must prosecute or even speak with the police officer. If the victim wishes to talk with the police officer, he/she will be given that opportunity.

The victim wishes to speak with a sexual assault counselor, refer him/her to Turning Point, (586) 463-6990.

A 24-hour crisis line for victims of sexual assault is available from Turning Point, (586) 463-6990.
Crisis intervention, support, and information for victims of sexual assault provides a first response team free to sexual assault victims of all ages and their families at hospitals and police stations and at the Forensic Nurse Examiner's Office. Services include emotional support, information for the victims and their families, providing a sweat suit for victims to wear home (clothes are often confiscated for evidence) and a sexual assault evidence kit. This service is free, confidential and available 24 hours a day. Available from Turning Point, (586) 463-6990.

Supportive personnel and information to victims of sexual assault who are involved with the court.  Available from the Court Advocacy Program at Turning Point Sexual Assault Department (586) 463-6990.

Information and help in filing for crime victim compensation, referrals for needed services, information on how the Court works and case status, assistance in completing the victim impact statement for sentencing purposes, assistance for the return of personal property, and information and assistance in receiving restitution. Available from the Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Victim/Witness Rights unit (586) 469-5675.

Free individual and group counseling for victims of sexual assault of all ages and their significant others. The groups are open ended. Available from Turning Point, (586) 463-6990.