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The Right Connection - Transportation


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Transportation services currently available in Macomb County are:


SMART buses directly operated by SMART offer:

1.) Fixed Route

2.) Flexible Route

3.) Connector (Curb-to-Curb services)

Fixed Route

SMART fixed route bus services provides public transportation to destinations in Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties. SMART Fixed Route buses pick up and drop off at designated bus stops on major corridor, community and crosstown routes. Some routes are limited stop and/or express routes. Young people aged 6 through 18 years, adults over the age of 65, and people with disabilities are eligible to ride SMART buses for a reduced fare.

Reduced fare riders must present one of the following identification cards at the time of boarding:

  • SMART reduced fare ID
  • DDOT reduced fare ID pass card
  • Valid State of Michigan ID or Driver’s Licence (to verify age of youth or older adults)
  • Medicare card (NOT Medicaid Card)
  • School ID card with picture and date of birth

SMART reduced fare ID applications can be downloaded at http://smartbus,org  or by calling SMART Customer Service, (866) 962-5515.

Flexible Route (Groesbeck Flex Route Service)

The Groesbeck Flex Route service connects residents to destinations throughout the Groesbeck corridor. Board a Flex Route Connector bus at one of four designated bus stops (VerKuilen Building, Macomb Mall, Bel Air Shopping Center and Eight Mile at Van Dyke) or call SMART at (866) 962-5515 to make pick-up arrangements anywhere within the service area. Upon boarding, inform the driver of your drop-off location. The service operates weekdays between 4:55 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.


Connector Service is an advance reservation, curb-to-curb service operated weekdays between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Reservations are made by calling (866) 962-5515 between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. When using Connector, you may travel anywhere within a 10 mile radius of your pick-up. Rides are available on a first come, first served basis and reservations are required. A six day notice is recommended for medical appointments and a two day notice for other destinations.

Full fare customers (Ages 6-64 without a disability) booking a Connector trip, must live further than 1/3 of a mile from a Fixed Route. Reduced Fare customers (Seniors 65+ and people with a disability) do not have a distance restriction.

Community Transit

Local communities partner with SMART to develop and operate Community Transit service uniquely designed to meet the needs of their residents. For more details, contact your local community to click on SMART Services at http://www.smartbus.org 

ADA Service

ADA Paratransit Service is an advanced reservation, curb-to-curb service that is provided for people who, because of a disability, are unable to use SMART’s Fixed Route bus service. In order to use this service you must be ADA certified. If you think you are eligible for ADA Service and would like additional information and/or an application, contact SMART or visit their website at: https://www.smartbus.org/Services/ADA-Service .

Bus Tickets

SMART tickets and passes are available in bulk to human service agencies. If an agency agrees to handle the tickets and passes as an agent, there is a 4% discount. For more information, contact SMART at (866) 962-5515.

A complimentary 31 Day Pass ($66.00 value) to ride SMART's Fixed Route service is available for participants hired within the past 30 days who are permanent, full-time employees who meet the eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements are posted on line and employers must register on line at https://www.smartbus.org/Services/Employer-Tools to receive a pass for their employee(s).

Community Based SMART Bus Ticket Programs Several communities in Macomb County make tickets available to some of their residents. Below is a list of these communities along with contact information and general information about each program.  


Department and/or Contact Person

Eligibility Requirements


Procedure to Request/Obtain Tickets

Number of Tickets Available

Center Line
(586) 757-6800

City Hall

Resident Seniors 65+ or Disabled


Must appear in person at City Hall.  Ticket distribution advertised for one week prior to distribution.

Eighty ($.50) tickets for initial distribution. Additional distributions occur every two months until depleted.

Clinton Township
(586) 723-8093

Office of the Supervisor, Jessica Holden

Resident Seniors 65+ or Disabled


Township mails tickets on a quarterly basis.  All applicants must submit valid proof of residency, age, and/or disability.  Disabled applicants must provide a letter from a health care professional identifying a permanent disability and/or a SMART special fare ID.

30 ($1.00) tickets per quarter

Harrison Township
(586) 466-1400

Clerk’s Office

Disabled Residents


Tickets are provided in blocks of 50 to the Hope Network, where they are distributed to their clients for medical appointments.  The Clerk’s Office also distributes to individuals.

Individuals can receive up to four ($1.00) tickets at a time. There is no annual maximum.

New Baltimore
(586) 725-2151

City Hall

Resident Seniors 62+ or Disabled


Must come into office and show proof of disability, residency and/or age.

Eight ($1.00) tickets every two weeks

Shelby Township
(586) 739-7540

Senior Center

50+ or Disabled

50% off

Rider must provide financial documentation once per year.  Tickets must be picked up at the Senior Center. $1.00 tickets are sold for $.50.  They also have an internal (Shelby) ticket program for riders using their SMART buses for local travel.

No maximum on purchased tickets. Six (Shelby Tickets) are given per week. Six SMART ($1.00) tickets per week at no charge if the rider falls below the poverty guideline.

Sterling Heights
(586) 446-2450

Sterling Heights Senior Center Larry Sharlow or Leona Cross

Resident Seniors 65+ or Disabled


Any combination of: coming to the Senior Center or providing a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing. Once every 2 months someone from the Senior Center will also distribute tickets at Sterling Heights Senior Living Apartment Building. (Applicants must have doctor’s document.)

20 ($.50) tickets per month. 30 tickets if blind or disabled/wheelchair.

(586) 268-8400
(586) 759-0920
(586) 757-7480
(586) 758-1300

Community Center
Fitzgerald Rec Center
Owen Jax Rec.
 Stillwell (Tue. - Fri. only)


Auto Aid for Families (Auto Purchase up to $2000 or Auto Repairs up to $900 per 12 months) is available for families where the mother is pregnant or the family has a child under aged 18).  The family must be receiving or applying for Day Care or Medicaid or Food Assistance. (If receiving the Family Independence Program the repair/purchase is usually handled by Michigan Works!) If a recipient, income limits are already met. If an applicant, form DHS-3043 must be completed to declare if your total monthly income is below the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) income limits. Other guidelines/requirements for car purchase:

• Purchase agreement, statement or bill from seller indicating price and type of vehicle

• It is needed to retain/obtain employment, or for activities that will prepare the customer for employment. Priority will be given to customers already working

• Public transportation is not reasonably available.

• Customer can afford payments/insurance/title/taxes/other vehicle expenses

• Customer (or their driver) has a valid driver’s license

• Vehicle has been inspected by a licensed mechanic and declared road worthy (mechanic’s license number must be given and also the date inspected)

• One vehicle per person is the lifetime maximum (either husband or wife may receive one, but a policy exception must be approved for the other spouse to get a second car)

• Cost of the vehicle is reasonable and affordable (if over $2000) and does not exceed the value of the vehicle (per appraisal guide). Other restrictions apply.

• Customer has not had a previous penalty at DHHS for Intentional Program Violation

Guidelines/requirements for car repair:

• A family member owns the vehicle

• A bill is provided from the repair shop

• The repair is expected to make the vehicle road worthy and safe

• The vehicle is needed to retain/obtain employment, or for activities to prepare for employment - priority will be given to customers already working.

• The vehicle must be the primary means of transportation for work or employment related activities

• Total cost is $900 or less (or difference is paid by customer), including repairs covered in the last 12 months.

• Cost of repairs does not exceed the value of the vehicle (per dealer estimate or appraisal guide).  Other restrictions apply

• Customer has not had a previous penalty at DHHS for Intentional Program Violation

Apply at the Department of Health and Human Services:


Mt. Clemens District
(586) 469-7700
serving Mt. Clemens, Clinton
Township, Harrison Twp.,
St. Clair Shores, New Baltimore,

Sterling Heights District
(586) 254-1500
serving Armada, Lenox, Macomb,
Memphis, New Haven, Ray, Richmond,
Romeo, Shelby, Sterling Hgts., Utica,

Warren District
(586) 427-0600
Center Line, Eastpointe, Fraser,
Roseville, Warren.


Mileage reimbursement service for persons living in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Monroe counties who earn under $20,000 per year, OR are a senior citizen aged 60 and older OAR who are disabled. Riders recruit their own drivers who are reimbursed for up to 100 miles per month at a rate of 45 cents per miles. Reimbursement checks are sent at the end of the month. Available from Freedom Road, (248) 232-1259. www.freedomROADtransportation.org

Transportation for income-eligible residents to essential locations such as hospitals, doctor's offices, DHHS, etc. Rides must be scheduled in advance. Available from Community Action Centers:

Central Community Action Center Mt. Clemens (586) 469-6964
North Community Action Center New Haven (586) 749-5146
South Community Action Center Warren (586) 759-9150


Transportation for Macomb elderly or disabled residents may be available from Macomb County Inter-faith Caregivers, (586) 757-5551. http://www.ivcinfo.org/

Transportation for chemotherapy/cancer-related appointments for Karmanostreated patients with medical transportation needs. For more information, call (800) 527-6266. (Patient Services).

Free oil change for single parents is available annually in the spring at Woodside Bible Church in Warren. Reservations required. For more information, call (586) 758-4750.

Free oil change for single parents is available annually in the fall from Utica United Methodist Church, (586) 731-7667.

Transportation for persons or persons with a handicap to doctor appointments, therapy, special events, etc. is available from Loving Touch Transportation, a for-profit organization. Primary service area is Southeastern Michigan. Loving Touch Transportation is a transportation service specializing in wheelchair and limited mobility individuals.  Appointments at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. Service is available 24/7, including holidays. Cost – $30 each way plus $3.00 per mile (verify cost prior to scheduling).  Visit their website at: http://lovingtouchtransportation.com/ or call (586) 992-1024.

Private, non-emergency transportation for the greater Metro Detroit area,specializing in wheelchair bound transportation needs, or those who are ambulatory but unable to drive.  To book a ride, go to:
bookme@goseniorstransportation.com.  Available from Go Seniors, (248) 929-9000. www.goseniorstransportaton.com

Vehicle modifications provided for disabled persons with special mobility needs.  Available from Creative Mobility Group. LLC, a distributor and installer of adaptive and mobility equipment. This is a for profit organization that works with community organizations and state programs to offer lower prices for adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications for clients of certain organizations. Visit their website at www.creativemobilitygroup.com or call (888) 998-4264 or (248) 577-5430.

Transportation to health care appointments for Medicaid clients is available from their Medicaid Health Care Plans. Clients are encouraged to contact their Health Plan and schedule transportation services ahead of time. NOT provided by HMOs are: trips for dental, substance abuse, or community mental health services.

Coventry   Care

(866)   782-8507

PHP -   MM Family Care

(800)   661-8299

HealthPlus   Partners

(800)   332-9161

Priority   Health Government Programs

(888)   975-8102

McLaren   Health Plan

(888)   327-0671

Total   Health Care

(800)   826-2862

Meridian   Health Plan

(888)   437-0606

United   Healthcare Community Plan

(800)   903-5253

Midwest   Health Plan

(888)   654-2200

Upper   Peninsula Health Plan

(800)   835-2556

Molina   Healthcare of MI

(888)   898-7969


These services are provided in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb by LogistiCare, as well as all transportation for "straight Medicaid" cases, especially dialysis patients. Customers must call two days in advance from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. to schedule rides. The number is (866 ) 569-1902. A link to the Medical Services Bulletin about the services is posted at: www.michigan.gov/documents/mdch/MSA_10-56_339333_7.pdf

More information about LogistiCare Solutions is at their website - they are a national corporation providing Medicaid transportation in many states: www.logi2sticare.com LogistiCare has the responsibility for providing medical transportation to many customers receiving Medicaid in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.

AAA CAB CO - (586) 598-9898
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour notice preferred
A & A CAR & TAXI - (586) 979-2224
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Areas: Any place north of Eight Mile
Reservations: Two         hours in advance
MT. CLEMENS CAB - (586) 598-9898
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour notice preferred
ROSEVILLE CAB - (586) 598-9898
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour notice preferred
SUBURBANCAB - (586) 598-9898
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days per week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour or more preferred
STERLING CAB - (586) 755-5555
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days per week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour or more preferred
STERLING HEIGHTS CAB - (586) 598-9898
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour notice preferred
UTICA CAB - (586) 598-9898
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Areas: Macomb County
Reservations: One hour notice preferred


Schedule a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone:

Uber: https://www.uber.com/ Lyft: https://www.lyft.com/
A ride to a food pantry, pick up of food for the client and delivery to their home (if the pantry allows this - many do not), a ride to the grocery store and help with shopping if needed, a volunteer to shop FOR the older or disabled adult, and delivery of the groceries to their home, short-term meal preparation, and one-time delivery of emergency food (no charge). ALL above services depend upon the availability of a volunteer in that area. Available from Inter-faith Volunteer Caregivers, Warren, (586) 757-5551.

Vehicle repairs or purchase are available for adults who are working or in “workrelated activities” (such as a training program that will lead to employment) and are a caretaker of minor children. One and two adult families may be eligible. DHHS will pay up to $900 towards repairs that will make the vehicle “Safe and Roadworthy”; any amount above that limit must be paid by client or other agency first before DHHS payment will be made. DHHS requires one estimate from a licensed repair facility and will also cover towing if needed. Requests for DHHS vehicle repair must be made in writing and submitted via fax, online through MIBridges, or at the local DHHS office:


Mt. Clemens District
(586) 469-7700
serving Mt. Clemens, Clinton
Township, Harrison Twp., St. Clair
Shores, New Baltimore, Chesterfield

Sterling Heights District
(586) 254-1500
serving Armada, Bruce, Lenox,
Macomb, Memphis, New Haven,
Ray, Richmond, Rochester 48306,
Romeo, Shelby, Sterling Hgts.,
Utica, Washington Township.

Warren District
(586) 427-0600
serving Center Line, Eastpointe,
Fraser, Roseville, Warren.

Repaired cars are available for pre-qualified families for about $800.00. Families are guaranteed a low-interest 12-month car loan, allowing them to build credit. In addition, the nonprofit carries a six-month/6,000 mile warranty, and will give reliable service for at least two years. Available from Vehicles for Change, (313) 469-7838 (Detroit).

Low-cost used cars for low-income people. Veterans receive a special discount. Available from Volunteers of America Michigan in Southfield, (248) 945-0101 AND V.O.A. Auto Sales (Pontiac) (248) 209-1031. www.voaautosales.com

Macomb County Car auctions:


Ludeman’s Northeastern Auto Auction
29600 26 Mile Rd
Chesterfield, MI 48051

(586) 749-3031


Charity Motors
10431 Grand River Avenue, 
Detroit,  MI 48219     

(313) 255-1000


Motor City Auto Auction Inc.
31065 Groesbeck
Fraser, MI 48026

(586) 285-9500


Motor City Car Co
31047 Groesbeck
Fraser, MI 48026

(586) 294-3914

Volunteers of America Auto Auction
618 East Walton
Pontiac, MI 48340

(800) 522-1515


Gregory J Auto Inc
28640 Utica Rd,
Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 772-9810

Aces Auto Sales
44809 Van Dyke
Utica, MI 48317

(586) 991-6908

26130 Groesbeck
Warren, MI 48089

(888) 204-5650

Country Line Auto Auction
20900 Dequindre Rd
Warren, MI 48091

(586) 757-7322

Online auction of confiscated goods from
police departments around the U.S.

Government auctions and foreclosures https://www.governmentauctions.org/