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The Right Connection - Vision and Hearing Services

Vision and Hearing Services

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One-time comprehensive eye assessment for infants in their first year of life, by participating optometrists, regardless of income. For the name of a participating Optometrist, go to: www.infantsee.org .

Free vision screenings, referrals and follow-up for preschool and school-aged children, age 3 - 18 years old. These screening services are delivered in schools, daycare centers and other community sites.  Available from the Macomb County Health Department.  Call (586) 412-5945 to schedule an appointment.  For more information, go to:  https//www.macombgov.org/departments/health-department/communicty-health-planning-and promotion/hearing-and

A free vision screening program for young children from about 6 months old to 5 years old conducted by members of Lions and Lioness clubs. Project KidSight uses a PediaVision digital camera which takes a picture of a child’s eyes and analyzes results.  Children either get a “pass” or “refer” status. Those with “refer” results get a recommendation to make an appointment with an eye care professional. Lions members conduct screening of preschoolers at Head Start programs and schools, libraries and homeless shelters, festivals and community events, and at Lion’s events. For more information about Project KidSight, contact Kay Furby, (810) 367-7004. https://www.lmsf.net/index.php/programs/project-kidsight 


The purchase of new prescription eyeglasses through a voucher program for children and adults in the United States who cannot afford glasses on their own.


  • Be in financial need.
  • Have had a recent eye exam. New Eyes does not pay for eye exams.
  • Have no other resources available to them to pay for glasses, including federal or state programs or assistance from local charitable organizations.

Individuals cannot apply for themselves. The online application is only accessible to social service agencies who apply on their clients behalf.   To apply for a voucher, go to: https://voucherapp.new-eyes.org/apply

Help to defray the costs of eye exams, buying eyeglasses, cataract services and surgery, etc.  The Lions Club helps the community by paying for eye exams, buying eyeglasses, cataract services and surgery, etc. For information on the Lions Club in your town, visit their website at https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/start-our-approach/club-locator to find the local contact person or call (248) 975-6072.


Free cataract surgery for those with no Medicare, Medicaid, or third party insurance coverage.  To qualify for this service through Mission Cataract USA, applicants must have poor vision due to cataracts uncorrectable with glasses which interferes with activities of daily living, no Medicare, Medicaid, or third party insurance coverage, and no other means to pay for cataract surgery. For information about participating doctors, call (800) 343-7265 or visit their website at http://www.missioncataractusa.org

Help to defray the costs of eye exams, buying eyeglasses, cataract services and surgery, etc.  The Lions Club helps the community by paying for eye exams, buying eyeglasses, cataract services and surgery, etc. For information on the Lions Club in your town, visit their website at http://www.LionsClubs.org to find the local contact person or call (248) 975-6072. District 11A2 - Oakland and Macomb Counties.

Free audio books and players, large print books, equipment that enlarges text, equipment for printing Braille materials, adaptive technology, and more.  Most materials are mailed postage free to and from the reader.  Available from the Macomb Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (MLBPD).  For more information or to apply for service, call (586) 286-1580 or visit https://cmpl.org/mlbpd/ 

Books in Braille or in audio format are available for free loan.  The playback equipment needed to listen to talking books is loaned for as long as it is needed.  Magazine in audio and Braille formats are also available. Books are delivered through the U.S. Postal Service. For those with a high-speed internet service and an e-mail account, an alternative to getting books through the mail is to download them directly to a computer and save the book file to a thumb drive. The playback machine provided has a special port for that purpose. Available from The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, (313) 456-1646. https://www.michigan.gov/leo/bureaus-agencies/bureau-of-services-for-blind-persons


Free hearing (and vision) screenings, referrals and follow-up for preschool and school-aged children.  The vision and hearing tests are done by grade so one year students will get a hearing screening; and the next year, vision. This service is provided through schools from the Macomb County Health Department (Mt. Clemens), (586) 469-5188. https://health.macombgov.org/index.php/Health-Programs-HPP-HearingVision

Hearing aids at a considerable discount for U.S. citizens and Green Card holders who are low income, do not have any hearing aid coverage on their health insurance, and who reside in Macomb County. Available from the Lion’s Hearing Center of Michigan’s Hearing Aid Assistance program. Approved applicants are eligible to receive hearing aid(s) at a considerable discount from their retail cost. The application is available at the applicant's local Lions Club. For more information, call (517) 887-6640 ext. 13 or info@lhcmi.org Website: www.LHCMI.org

The Lions Club Hearing Center of Michigan

Their services grew to include hearing screenings, educational programs, working with the deaf community, implementing outreach efforts throughout southeastern Michigan, and partnering with dozens of organizations to provide hearing care for all.


Michigan Rehabilitation Services

For people with an open case, looking for employment.

43630 Hayes Rd, #120
Clinton Twp.

Hearing Loss Association of America

The first step for financial assistance resources for hearing aids is to check with your health care insurance provider to find out if they carry hearing aid coverage

http://www.hearingloss.org/content/financial- assistance-programs-foundations


UAW-Chrysler Retirees

UAW FCA Active Employees UAW-GM Retirees

UAW GM Active Employees UAW-Ford Retirees

Macomb County Retirees Michigan Rehabilitation Services

National Elevator Charter Township of Clinton

BCBSM Employees


The Miracle Ear Foundation

The Miracle-Ear Foundation® is designed to support underserved Americans with a limited income and no other resources for hearing aids, such as insurance, Medicaid, VA, or other state or federal programs.


Free captioned telephone for anyone with hearing loss, regardless of their age, income, insurance or veteran status including telephone, setup, instructions on how to use it, follow up and the captioning service. The user needs home phone service, a way to connect to the Internet and some form of hearing loss. The user is responsible for their monthly phone bill. Available from ClearCaptions, a federally-funded program. For more information, contact Ms. Tracy Salisbury, (810) 360-9364 or tracy.dunksalisbury@clearcaptions.com